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What's new in ExpandCart: July 2021

Because we always aim to support our users, we are constantly adding updates, features, and integrations to make the ExpandCart platform for creating online stores is unique for merchants who want to achieve success and growth. We are happy to bring you this month's platform updates.

Chatbot - beta version

A chatbot has been published for users on the free plan. To help the merchants understand how our dashboard works and how to build the store.


ExpandPay: Fawry added

Fawry method now is available with ExpandPay, any merchant in Egypt can request to add it to his/her ExpandPay account!

Learn more about ExpandPay

Speakol App

Speakol is a native advertising and content recommendation platform. Speakol enables Merchants to display their ad campaigns to users. it will help merchants to increases conversion rates and maximizes ROI.

Learn more about Speakol.

WhatsApp updated: built-in sign-in

With this feature, users can connect their WhatsApp account directly using WhatsApp SDK without manual steps from our team side, so it will save a lot of time and enhance the onboarding experience while connecting WhatsApp.

Learn more about the WhatsApp integration app.

Manage Customer Notification

This app allows you to manage notifications that will appear to your customers on the storefront, in the meantime, you can enable notifying the customers when the status of their orders changes.

Learn more about Manage Customer Notification.

Customize Contact Page

This app allows you to customize the contact page to make the contact process more efficient and solve the customers' issues and address their inquiries in fewer replies.

Learn more about Customize Contact Page.

Desktop Notification App

It keeps merchants notified when they receive new orders and different event triggers through desktop notifications, it will help merchants to reduce the overhead of manually filtering and processing orders too.![](

Learn more about Desktop Notification App

Customize Order Total App

With this app, merchants will be able to adjust how the total of the order should be displayed on the check-out page and which to be activated or disabled. Merchants will have the option to change the order of the total and disable the ones they want to be hidden or inactive.

Learn more about Customize Order Total App.

Order Invoice Settings

Merchants can customize the store's invoices with this app effortlessly, they just need to access the "Apps & Services" and find the Order invoice settings app to install it and open its page.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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