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Using Excel to Import and Export products in my store

In this article, we will explain how to use this feature to export and import products within your store: 


Exporting products:

To export your products using an excel file, go to the products section from your store’s dashboard, then, click on Export:

You will be redirected to this page to map the product data which will be exported into an excel file:

Language: to choose the language in which the products will be exported.

Categories: you can select all or certain categories from your store.

Brand: you can select all or certain brands from your store.

Product name: writedown a specific product name to export its details.

Model: choose a specific model to export all the products related to it.

Price: choose a price range to export only the products within this selected price range.

Product Quantity: you can specify the quantity of the products you want to export

Product ID - Condition: specify the product IDs for the products you wish to export.

Limit: specify the number of products you wish to export. Preferably leave as is, as it already reflects the actual number of your products.

Stock Status: to specify the stock of status for the products you wish to export (in stock, out of stock, pre-order, 2 -3 days)

Status: choose the status of the products to be exported (enabled, disabled)

Product Options: you can choose the product options to be exported (simple, advanced options)

Export File Format: choose the file format for the exported file. Preferably choose (ExpandCart file format).

Images path: Determines the path of images when exporting the products. For the Absolute option, the entire image path will be exported with the domain so that the image can be opened from anywhere. As for the second option, "Relative", the track will be exported from within the control panel, and it cannot be opened. So, if you wish to copy the products to another platform or store, you must choose "Absolute", but if you wish to export, modify and import the file again on the same store, you can choose "Relative".

Export Format: Leave this field as XLS for the file to be exported as an excel file, or you may select any of the other types if it will suit you more.

Importing products:

To import your products into your store, go to the products section from your store’s dashboard then click on the "Import" button:

You will be directed to this page, to make sure that the products will be successfully imported into your store, download the "Example File" to check the file format so you can make once identical to it, or you may edit it instead:

After adding and modifying the products, you can upload the products file by clicking on "Choose File" in the "Products" field, then choose the language in which the products will be imported. Also, specify the type of product options are chosen (the same type as in the products file must be chosen so that they are properly imported) It is preferable to choose "No options" to import products for the first time. After completion, please click on the Upload button.

After importing the products file, you will be transferred to the Mapping page to link the columns in the file with the corresponding fields in the dashboard:

Please make sure that the correct column is selected with the correct field and review all the fields properly so that product data is added in its correct fields, then click on “Upload” at the bottom of the page. In case the field and selection are not compatible, please change them in accordance with the correct field, as shown below:

After clicking on the "Upload" button, please wait at least 10 minutes for the full product information to be uploaded, then go to the products section to view the uploaded products.


1- It is preferable not to upload the file if it contains more than 500 products as it may take a lot of time to be imported, so if you have a huge number of products please divide them into a group of files when uploading them.

2- When importing the product file, make sure to import it in one language only if you faced an issue while uploading the products, not all languages, and it is preferred to be the default language for your store.

3- All products are added to the excel file while keeping the field "Product ID" empty, as the presence of a value in this field means that the product already exists and it will be modified but if the field is empty, a new product will be created.

4- If the file will be imported again in another language ​​please make sure to match the "Product ID" so the product gets modified based on the "Product ID".

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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