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Product options

If your products contain options, such as size, color, and storage capacity, you can provide your customer with the options while adding the product to the cart:

You can add options to your products through the "Options" tab from the Products page as shown below;

then press on "Create New Option" (You can add it directly from the product's page through the options section):

You will be directed to the following page:

1- Type the option name in each language activated in the store.

2- Choose the style/type the option will be displayed on your customers.

3- Set the values of the option in each language activated in the store (You can attach an image to as the value as well as change its order through the buttons on the left)

After clicking on the save button, you will have the option available to be added to your products through the following section which can be found on each product's page: 

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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