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Product page

There are two views for the product page:

Simple view: Only contains the essential info required to add your product.

Advanced view: It includes more fields to add more detailed info about your product.

In this section:

Simple view
Advanced view

Simple view:

Contains only the essentials required to add a product. There are 5 fields to be filled:


Can be filled optionally with one or more image You can upload a new image, or you can use one of the previously added images by dragging and dropping the required image into the images section through the "Select from Media" button.

Product name, Description, And Price: These three fields are required to be filled. Product name and description are required to be filled in each language activated on the store:

Price After Discount

If you are making a discount on this product, you can add the discounted price in the Price After Discount field (This will be the purchasing price):

Unlimited Quantity: this box is automatically activated, where it assumed that the available quantity of the product is unlimited, if the box is unchecked, you will have the option to type the available quantity.


You can optionally link this added product to a specific category by choosing it from the categories section, you can also create a new category by clicking on the Create Category button:

After adding the product info, make sure to save the input so it would be recorded and reflected accordingly.

Advanced View:

When activating the Advanced Product Info Options, you will have these additional fields to be filled as shown below (You have more fields and sections in case you installed an app that related to the product's page):

Additional Information:

Cost Price: This is the actual cost of your product.

Profit: Calculated automatically which is (the Selling cost - the Cost Price)

Tax Class: a drop-down list to choose between whether or not the product is subject to a specific type of tax.


SKU: This is A stock-keeping unit that allows you to automatically track the movement of inventory

Barcode: Which is the barcode for this specific product

Model: product model

Sorting Number: enables you to set a sorting number for the product

Unlimited Quantity: you can uncheck this box then specify the quantity of this product


You can link this product to a specific category, brand, you can choose the group of products to be related to this product.

Shipping Info:

Used to calculate shipping rates at checkout during the purchase:

You can control the shipping options whether this product requires shipping. You can also control and add product dimensions such as weight, length, etc.


Allow your customers to select from options such as Size and Color on your store:

You can learn more about product options through this article


Attract your customer to buy more by adding a discount on the product:

SEO Settings:

The SEO options control what your shoppers see when viewing this item in a search engine:

Help your customers and attract them to view your store by telling them more about your product in this section. You can add the Meta description and Meta keywords easily.

Internal Notes:

This field is dedicated to "notes" about the product, the text written in this field appears only to store managers. This won’t be shown to customers.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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