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Set up your taxes

To set up your taxes, please access the "Taxes" tab located on the store's settings.

You can adjust the tax main settings such as the items' displayed prices in case there is a tax applied to them:

Whenever editing the taxes settings, make sure to click on the save button on the top right corner. To adjust and add the tax rates and classes, refer to the following buttons:

When clicking on "Manage Tax Rates" you will have the option to check and edit your current tax rates and create new ones as follows:

When creating a new tax rate you will have the following options:

Tax Name: Set the name of the tax that will be displayed to customers that have to pay it in each language activated on the store.
Tax Rate: Set the rate in numbers based on the type.
Type: It can be a percentage or a fixed amount.
Customer Group: select the groups you want to apply the tax on, if you want to apply it on all of your customers, you can leave it empty.
Geo Zeno: Select the zone you want to apply the tax on their customers, if you selected All Zones the tax will be applied to all of the store's available cities and countries.

Now you have set the Tax Rates you need to set up the Tax Classes to be able to apply the tax on your products, the tax class is what you will choose when adding and editing a product you want to apply a tax to:

When clicking on "Create New Tax Class" you will have the following fields:

Tax Class Title: The name of the tax class displayed on the dashboard when adding it to a product
Description: A description for the tax class that will only be displayed on your end as an admin
Tax Rate: The Tax rate you want to apply for this tax class
Based On: In case you set a Geo Zone for the tax rate, you need to select based on which aspect the tax should be applied, it can be the shipping address, payment address, or the store address.'
Priority: In case you added more than a tax rate (By clicking on "Add Rule") you may set the priority of which one should be applied if a customer met the criteria of more than a tax rate.

Once you click on the save button, you will find and choose the tax class you just created on the product page in the "Additional Information" section as shown below:

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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