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How to link domain or purchase a new one

A Domain Name is the URL of your site that you type in your browser to access the website and replaces the IP address because of the difficulty of maintaining the IP for each site. An example of the domain name is or, and the domain is unique to your website only and different from any other website, there are no homes with the same address! If you have a domain already, please watch the following video:

In this article:

How do I link an existing domain to my online store in ExpandCart?
How can I register a new domain?

When you sign up on the ExpandCart platform, you get a control panel and a storefront that contains all the data for the store. This is known as hosting, but in this case, your store is displayed as a sub-domain of the domain for example To create a custom name instead of this address you must register what is known as a domain name to replace to be something like, which will allow you to have a dedicated domain name and a business identity on the Internet.

Tips for choosing a domain name:

Your domain name should be easy to type
The name of your domain should be as short as possible.
Your domain name may contain some of the keywords relevant to your business
Stay away from the Arabic domains always make sure to choose English domains
Your domain name may contain the name of the country or something like "sa", "eg", etc.
We recommend that you stay away from symbols in choosing a domain for your store
Make sure to choose an attractive and wonderful domain for your store
We recommend that all available domain extensions be purchased for the same domain name

To connect your domain to your store without having to transfer the domain to us, following these steps:

1- Log on to your domain account

2- Enter into DNS settings

3- Create the following two A Records, With the following data:

Host: @

Points to / IP:

Host: www

Points to / IP:

You can add up to 3 domains per store by accessing store Settings >> Domains >> Write a new domain name and then click on Add Domain Link:

The process of running the domain and publishing it on the Internet through our server may take from 6-24 hours at most. If you can't link your domain properly, In this case, you can contact the ExpandCart Technical support team at

How can I register a new domain?

Refer to this button on the top-right corner:

Then enter the domain name you want to purchase and it must be available until it is booked like the next image, then click on Add to Cart as follows:

Since this domain will be purchased from our end you can ignore the fields unless you want the domain records to be managed through another party such as Cloud Flare or any other website that provides the domain managing service. Click on the Continue button as shown below:

Then you will go to the Review & Checkout page to review the request, click on the checkout button as shown below:

Afterward, you will choose the preferred payment method, if you're subscribed to one of our bundles that offer a domain for free, please choose "Bank Transfer" then contact us to cancel the invoice for you and book the domain on your behalf. The following picture is an example in case you chose the PayPal method, after selecting the PayPal and clicking on Complete Order, you will be redirected to the login page on your PayPal account to complete the purchase:

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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