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How can I export or import data customer files ?

ExpandCart gives you the option to export your customers’ data to an excel sheet and store it locally in your device, as well as, importing customers’ data to your store.


When you click on the “Export” button, you can export one customer’s data or more using the filters shown below, if you want to export all of your customers’ data, just leave the fields empty and adjust the limit fields and make them both zero:

After clicking on the “Export” button, the excel file will be downloaded.

Note: the box on the right, to export the orders’ information.


If you want to import your customers’ data to your ExpandCart store, and you have the excel sheet that includes them, you can import them easily by clicking on the “Import” button, once you click on you will redirected to the following page:

Click “Choose the file” and then click on the “Import” button and they will be imported successfully to your store so you can check them through the Customers page in the dashboard. Please don’t forget to select the password format which is used in the xls sheet.

If you want to know the file correct format, please click on the “Example File” button and an excel file will be downloaded, you can edit it afterward with your customers data before uploading it in order to import it to your store.

Updated on: 07/12/2022

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