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How can I delete or ban certain customer data from my store?

Delete Customers:

You can delete a customer or more information, by selecting them and clicking on the following button:

Deactivate Customers:

To deactivate a customer or more we will refer to that button:

Banning Customers:

First, you need to make sure to enable the IP address filtering, by pressing on the 3 dots and then column, then selecting IP as shown below

Once we make the IP visible, we can check the customer’s IP:

To ban a customer we will copy the IP that we want to ban and follow the following steps:

And then Go to:

1- Settings:

2- Customers Account:

3- Manage Security Settings:

4- Ban New IP>>Paste The IP>>Save:

Once we click on the “Save” button, the customer won’t be able to place orders on your store anymore.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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