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ExpandCart Store Manager Mobile Application

Manage your store wherever you are, anytime. It is the easiest app to track your orders and manage products on your ExpandCart store! The app works on both Android and IOS phones:

Download on IOS

Download on Android


Sign in
Sign up/Create a store
Adding & Managing Products
Managing orders
Apply & edit templates
Linking domain & buying domains
Activate shipping & payment methods
Dashboard with reports (revenue, new customers, returns, and latest orders)

In this article:

Settings (Profile, Store basic data, Customize Store, domains, Language)
Activate shipping & payment methods

Once you download the app, you will be able to sign in or create a new store:


After signing in, you can see analytics about the store performance as well as the latest 5 orders placed on the store:


Check all of your store orders from the Orders tab as follows:

By pressing on any order, you can edit it and check it:

You can edit and check the order address, shipping, products, view the invoice as well as generate a number for it. From the top-right menu shown in the previous screenshot, you can assign a manual shipping method and delete or archive the order.


Add and edit your products easily referring to this tab in the app:

To add a product press on the plus sign, and to edit a one, press on it:

You can modify and add a product with no compromises while using the app.


In the settings you can find: Profile, Store basic data, Customize Store, domains, Language:

1- To change the password:

2- To change the store's basic data:

3- To apply a template or edit it:

Scroll down and apply the template you prefer, you can preview it before applying it. If you want to edit the store current template click on the "Edit Template" and you will be able to customize the store with no limits. To know more about customizing the store, please check this article.

4- Link a domain or buy one through us:

To know more about the domains, please check this article.

5- To change the language.

**Activate shipping & payment methods:**

You can activate shipping & payment methods through the dashboard:

Finally, feel free to explore them and activate the ones that suit your needs.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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