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In this article, we will guide you on the reports & analytics you can extract and export from ExpandCart in order to grow your business and increase your store reach, the reports you can check are:

Sales (Orders - Tax - Shipping - Returns - Coupons)
Customers (Customers Online - Orders - Reward Points - Credit)
Products (Viewed - Purchased - Top 10 Purchased - Categories products - Product's Options quantities)
Brands (Brand Purchased)
Zones (Cities Purchased - Cities Purchased Average)
Analytics (Analytics Stats/Live Visits Report, Visitor Details)
Affiliates (Commission)

You can find the main reports and analytics of your store on the homepage:

For more reports, we will access the Analytics section through the dashboard.

Sales (Orders - Tax - Shipping - Returns - Coupons):

In this section you will find all the reports related to the sales, starting from orders to coupons:

By clicking on any of them, you will get a detailed report that can be exported in an excel sheet, and you will have the ability to filter the data before exporting them too, as an example, we will click on Orders:

You can filter the orders through the tool on the left side, after you're done with the filtering, you can export the filtered data only by clicking on the "Export To Excel File" button, but if you want to export all of your store's order sales, you will need to click on "Export All Data" button.

Customers (Customers Online - Orders - Reward Points - Credit):

In these sections, you can check the customers visiting your store, the number of orders placed by each customer, the reward points, and the credit was given to the customers.

as an example, Customers Online report:

Products (Viewed - Purchased - Top 10 Purchased - Categories products - Product's Options quantities):

Viewed: The number of visits/views of each product on the store.

Purchased: The sold quantity of each item sold before on the store.

Top 10 Purchased: the sold quantity, the total sale price, and the profit of the most 10 purchased items.

Categories products: every category's available products with their quantity.

Product's Options quantities: The quantity of each product option exists in your store, such as items' colors and sizes.

Brands (Brand Purchased):

The sales of each brand on your store:

Zones (Cities Purchased - Cities Purchased Average):

You can check the quantity of the sold items based on the orders' cities and you can check the average of orders' amount per city.

Analytics (Analytics Stats/Live Visits Report, Visitor Details):

Analytics Stats: Live visits report shown the customers that browse your store and the pages they visit as well as the platform they use to access your store website.

Visitor Details: The details of all of the customers that visited your store.

Affiliates (Commission):

A report of the commissions given to your affiliate marketers, for more information about the affiliate program, please check this article.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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