Articles on: Dropshipping app is one of the largest E-commerce platforms in Palestine, so this integration enables you to import mart products to your store.

Application Setup & Importing Products
Register an account and place an order through the platform

Firstly, open the application page and install:

After activating the application status, you can hit the Import Categories button as a first step, then wait till the pop-up message with the imported categories number appears.  

After importing the categories, you can start to import the products by clicking (Import Products) button, considering all products option has been selected. Please note that this takes a while to import all the products from platform.

All the imported products will automatically reflect in the products section in your store’s dashboard. When the customer place an order, choosing one of products, the order appears in the order section through your store’s dashboard:

Thee order’s details and the customer's information will appear:

Register an account and place an order through platform

- Go to website through this link, to create a new account or log in to your existing account.

You can use the main page and search for the products you would like to buy.

Choose your product, then the product attributes like (Color and size), then click on (Buy now) button, to add the product to your cart.

 The final step is the checkout page where you can choose, edit your address, or update your data.

Please hit the (Confirm Order) button, to place your order through the platform.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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