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How to run a Tech store with ExpandCart effectively

ExpandCart offers a huge number of apps and tools to help run the type of store you want to effortlessly, in this article we will guide you on which apps you can use to run a professional tech store with ExpandCart.

Your store can be one or a combination of the following business models (By clicking on any store type or model, you will be transferred to its article, in which we review the basics of operating the store in terms of important general applications, shipping, payment, and marketing services):


Each model is different but when it comes to tech stores, there will be must-used apps, in this article, we will try to shed light on some of them:

**-Advanced Product Attributes:** This enables you to create a set of advanced attributes that you can use while listing products.

**-Quiz Products:** Build a group of questions and answers that will act as filters for your products, based on the customer answers, a product or more will be shown to the customer to choose between.

[-Product 360 Viewer:]( Spin products round in 360 degrees to see them from every angle! This will give viewers immediate confidence to buy. 

-Enhance your store search: Since you will have several products you can enhance the store search and filters using the following apps so customers can find their needs easily: Search auto completeAdvanced product filter, and Lableb.

**-Product Bundles:** You can offer different discounts on a group of products this will make it easier to make a buy one get one free offer for the customers and will increase your sales.

[-Automatic Related Products:]( Enhance your store and increase your sales by displaying lots of related products that change dynamically depending on the product, all that is done automatically using the smart algorithms behind this app.

[-Pre-Order:]( A perfect method to get more sales. Through this app, customers can pay a deposit of the value of the products and the rest on delivery once they receive the order or once the product is available if it isn't.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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