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ExpandShip: Pricing and Terms&Conditions

ExpandShip is the best shipping method that you can rely on to deliver your orders and achieve the highest rate of customer satisfaction, as we integrate with many international shipping companies to provide you with the best prices and maintain quality service. We help you deliver your orders to every region in Egypt from Alexandria to Aswan and anywhere in the world. 

ExpandShip operates only in Egypt currently, meaning that the point of departure or shipment must be from Egypt. Wherever you are in Egypt, we will reach you and ship your products to anywhere in Egypt and the world in the best possible way! In this article, let's explain pricing, terms, and conditions:

The pricing and collection

The pricing and collection

Prices vary from one governorate/state to another. In Cairo & Giza, prices start from 29 EGP per kilogram, in Alexandria from 38 EGP, Canal and Delta governorates/states start at 43 EGP, and prices start from 62 EGP in other governorates/states of Egypt and Upper Egypt per kilogram, of course.

As for the collection, it is meant to obtain your satisfaction and ensure your convenience. Offer the payment methods you prefer to your customers, as we process cash on delivery orders too professionally, and the cash transfer will be on your bank account the next day after the shipment is delivered. 


The mentioned prices are excluding the 14% VAT
In case of collecting amounts exceeding 2500 pounds, an additional fee of 7 EGP will be charged for every 1000 EGP
If the shipment exceeds 1 kg, 6 EGP will be added for each additional kilogram


We're offering terms and conditions that suit all the parties and preserve your right as an ExpandShip customer and guarantee a partnership that does not have any hidden or unclear factors/aspects so that we will always remain your success partners! Powered by VOO.


If the customer is not present at the recipient address, the customer will be contacted two more times for delivery
Returns are counted as regular shipments at their full cost whether the customer isn't present at the delivery address or the order is canceled during delivery


The available insurance plans are:

Covering 100% of the product cost in case you choose the insurance plan that costs 1% of the total products sold per month
Covering 75% of the product cost in case you choose the insurance plan that costs 0.5% of the total products sold per month
If no insurance plan is activated, we are obligated to compensate you only with 200 EGP in the case of damaged and lost shipments

Receipt statement/declaration (Manifesto):

The receipt statement is the only document that confirms the number of shipping requests that have been sent by you to the shipping company and is signed by the shipping representative to ensure confirmation of receipt

Breakable items:

If there are breakable items, their packaging has to be checked and done carefully to ensure proper delivery, which is the shipper/retailer's full responsibility.

Items we don't deliver:

Tobacco and alcohol
Expired food
Illegal products


As for the items' area/space,  it is calculated as "length width * height / 3000"
Packaging is the merchant/retailer's full responsibility
It is unallowed to open the shipment during delivery
The merchant/shipper must print the shipment label. Note that our shipping partners have the right not to receive shipments without the shipment label

To learn how to install and configure ExpandShip, visit this article.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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