Sellers Registration

The Seller can register at the store using the following link: /index.php?route=seller/register-seller. Which is added at the end of the domain as follows:

You can edit the fields in the registration page or add new ones from settings then seller data

you can select the fields to be added from "Enable fields of seller data" and make it required or optional from "Required fields of seller data" 

You can allow files extensions' type from "Seller profile allowed files extensions"

To add new custom fields, you can add them from CUSTOM DATA, press on "add data field", 

add the name of the field, you can also determine the field type to be a text, checkbox.... and make the field required or optional 

And it will be shown as follows on the registration page at the Seller profile

Seller validation:

You can approve the seller's registration automatically by selecting "No validation" or select it to be "manual approve" at which you would manually approve the seller's registration

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