WhatsApp: Notifications & Chat

The WhatsApp Notifications Application integrates the store to the WhatsApp business API interface; you can send customers messages through your WhatsApp business number and receive ones as an admin, and display a WhatsApp icon for customers to contact you in no time.


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Application's Features:

  • Sending notification to the new customer for the new account's registration and order status.
  • Receiving notifications as a store admin if a customer registered an account, a new order was placed, or an order's status was changed. 
  • Showing a WhatsApp icon so customers can contact you via WhatsApp with one click through your store, as well as checking the latest messages on your store's dashboard.


Firstly, we will go to the WhatsApp application to install it by accessing your store dashboard and opening the "Apps & Services." Then, we will click on the connect button shown in the following screenshot:

You will be asked to sign in with your Facebook account. Once you sign in or create an account, you will be redirected to this pop-up: 

As stated in the pop-up, you will need a Facebook and Whatsapp Business Account; if you already have a Meta and WhatsApp Business account, you will have the option to connect it directly; if not, you will be redirected to this step to create a one:

You will be providing the rest of the business data, and once it's done, it will be get verified in a few moments:


After it's verified, your Meta business account will be created and set up successfully:

Afterward, you will be guided to create a WhatsApp business profile:

Finally, you will need to verify your WhatApp number, which has to be a new number that was never associated with any WhatsApp account. If it's being used as a personal number, delete the WhatsApp account first:

Once you verify the number successfully and continue, a confirmation message will appear and you will wait for some time until WhatsApp approves the integration process and the verification is completed. Your WhatsApp Business account will be successfully connected to your store:

Congratulations! Now you can use the WhatsApp notifications & Chat features!

Automated Notifications (WhatsApp Bot)

Once it's successfully integrated and installed, you will be redirected to this page. The notifications are divided into two parts, customers and store owner (Admin) notifications. You can access both through this tab:

In all of the notifications templates, you can use the following shortcodes or variables in all languages:

{firstname} {lastname} {order_id} {order_date} {telephone} and the {comment} variable, in case you changed and order status and left a comment or a note and want the customer to be informed about it.

Note: Any template in any of the languages will get approved from WhastApp's end independently. It takes up to 1-2 Business days to get approved. Additionally, it is entirely up to WhatsApp to accept or reject the template.


Customer notifications:

Firstly, to hide or display (It won't disable or activate the templates, it's just a display option for you) the customers' notifications, please refer to this button:


Registration notifications: Write the template in each language activated on the store. You can use the shortcodes and variables while typing it. Don't forget to activate the template by clicking on the Active button and then submit it as follows: