What are the fees for opening an Apple Developer account to publish an app on app store?

To open an Apple developer account, the fees are 99$/year, and you must have the following for the application to be considered:

  1. Business license.
  2. A copy of photo id of the manager or passport where the name is clearly stated in English.
  3. Company address and Contact numbers.
  4. A business email with the same name as your store or business like info@yourdomain.com.


Here's how to open an account

  1. You must have the company or the business registration papers and license ready.
  2. Open an account on Apple through the following link (if you already have an account you can ignore this step)
  1. After getting the account

Request a DNUS number, which is a specific number for companies and It is necessary to publish the applications and you can request it from next link here


and fill the following form


  1. Then one of Apple's employees will contact you to confirm the data within two weeks of the format filled
  2. The license of the company and the identity of the manager will be requested from apple side and after that  99$ will be paid after approval Open Account.