Web pages: How to create a one and link it to my store?

In this article we will let you know how to:


Create a new page:


1- You can create a new page by going to the Templates section from your store dashboard then web pages, then click on (Create New Page):




2- You will be directed to the below page. Type in the page title in both languages (Arabic & English) In the Description section, type in the content of the page. Also in both languages (Arabic & English). Make sure that the status is Enabled, then click on the Save button:




Link the new page to the homepage.


1- To get the page link, click on the preview button, then you will be directed to this specific page to copy the page URL link:




2- You can add this page to your store homepage by going to customize store, then customize templates:



3- Go to the footer section.


4- Choose the menu that you want this page to be added below:


5- Then add the page name and page link in the desired field. Click on save, then publish:


Customers will be re-directed to the created page when clicking on its name in the footer section of the homepage: