Voucher Products app

Selling Google Play or iTunes vouchers? or any other kinds of gift cards or vouchers? This is a must to get for your business.


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The following features are available in the app:

  • Once your customer buys the product, the customer will get a code from the uploaded codes and that code will be deleted after that to avoid double use for other clients.
  • Get a log of all sold codes and still existing codes.


How to Install the app:

Go to apps and services from your store dashboard.

Search for voucher Products app.

Access the app and install it


How to set up the app and add the voucher codes:

The app setup page is divided into ( General, Order History, And Archive)


Through the general settings, make sure that the status is enabled. You can show voucher codes on the order success page by enabling this button. You can also hide voucher codes in the order success page in postpaid by enabling this button.

Order History:

Through this section, you can add all voucher codes and link it to its products by clicking on (add new code)

You will be directed to the following pageز Make sure to add each add in a new line.

When a customer purchases the gift card, one of the listed codes will be sent to him by email, and that code will be deleted after that to avoid double use for other clients.

The used codes will be listed in the archived section.

Please note, in order for the confirmation mail that includes the voucher code to be sent to the customers, you will need to activate the mail server service on your store. You can refer to the following article for more information on how to activate the mail server option.