The Auctions App

An auction is usually a process of buying goods by offering them up for bid, taking bids, and then selling the item to the highest bidder. Let your audience compete to get their favorite products at the best prices. Auction application allows you simple steps to create an auction on products of your choice.


To install the app, we will refer to the "Apps & Services" and find the Auctions app as follows:


Once we open its page and install it, we will be redirected to the app setting, we will make sure to enable its status then set the "Auctions Timezone":


Then we will click on the "Auctions" tab and add a new Auction as shown below:


We will have many options, we will outline them below the following screenshot:

1- If we want that auction to be available we will enable its status.

2- We will select the item we want the auction to be about.

3- Set the starting price.

4- The date and time the auction starts, please note make sure that you selected the preferred timezones in the app's setting.

5- The date and time the auction ends at.

6- We can set a minimum deposit amount, if we don't want to set a one, we will leave it zero as it is.

7- The amount needs to be added to the current bid amount to calculate the next minimum bid allowed, the default value is 0.25

8- It will be set as 1, you can't increase it, anyway, you can add auctions as much as you can following the same steps.

9- We will set the number of days are valid for the winning bidder to purchase the auction product with the winning price, the default is 3 days and the maximum period we can set is 99 days, If the winning bidder didn't purchase the auction product, make the next highest bid the winning bidder.


If we want to check the bids of a specific Auction, we will refer to this section in the auction's settings:


Finally, we click on the save button, once we click on it, we will be able to check the auction, edit, or delete it:

To check the Orders placed for any auction, we will click on the "Orders" tab, and to check the Deposits history, we will refer to the other tab which is the "Deposits Log" 


We can select bids then delete them in one click, or export the bids and adjust the column visibility referring to the following menu: