Rentals and Reservations app

Rentals & Reservations app enables you to provide product rental or reservations. You can set the day price and it will automatically calculate the total days' price for the customer


The following features are available in the app:

Set day price for each product of type rent or reservation

Customers will be able to select the start date and end date for rental or reservation

The app will automatically calculate the total price for days selected

You can set the maximum number of days the product can be rented or reserved for


In this article:

How to install the app:

Go to Apps & Services section from your store’s dashboard

Search for rental and reservations app.

Access the app and install it.


How to set up the app settings:

When accessing the app, make sure that the status is enabled, then specify the Max Rental or Reservation Days, then click on the Save button.

How does the app work on the product page:

After you have installed and set up the app, you can now go to the products section to add the details of the service. Once you have added the product details such as images, name and description, and the price, Make sure to change the transaction type from the sale to (For Rent or Reservations). Click on the Save button to save your inputs, then click on the preview button to preview how the product will look on your store.


This is how the service will be displayed to customers. Customers can now set desired rental days, and the app will automatically calculate the total price for the specified days.