The best shipping solution that you can rely on to deliver your orders and achieve the highest rate of customer satisfaction, as we integrate with many shipping companies in the background to provide you with the best prices and maintain the quality of service. We help you to deliver your orders to every region in Egypt from Alexandria to Aswan! At the moment ExpandShip is working only in Egypt and soon in Saudi Arabia. 


In this article:

- Activate ExpandShip

- Setup ExpandShip settings

- Choosing ExpandShip on the storefront

- Managing ExpandShip orders


Activate ExpandShip

Firstly, we will go to the shipping through the settings:


If ExpandShip is available in your store area, the option to activate it will appear as follows:


Now, you must create an ExpandShip account for the store and you can only use it in the store where you created the account:


At first, you will choose the country from which you will ship the products to customers and provide your data, it's worth mentioning that the email you will enter won't be changeable. As for the company name, it must be unique so that it has not and will not be used in another ExpandShip account. Afterward, as shown in the previous screenshot, you will specify the place thst the orders will be shipped from, for instance, your physical store or your Inventory.


Before completing the activation, please write your bank account carefully, as you will receive your dues on it, such as the cash on delivery orders. In the end, after making sure that the correct data is entered, send the request as shown in the previous screenshot, and the account will be activated immediately and you will be redirected to it settings.


Setup ExpandShip settings

Firstly, you will be able to check your balance and by clicking on the accounts history, the balance and transfers data will appear:


You can add credit to your ExpandShip account to start through this button:


By clicking on Top-Up your balance, a window will pop up for you to enter the payment data and recharge your balance:2021-12-01_19-32-40.png

Regarding this drop-down menu, you will activate ExpandShip. You can also disable it, but if there are already orders assigned to ExpandShip, it must be activated so that we can process them:


At any time, unlike the email address, you will be able to modify the data of the location and your bank account. The last settings are the shipping fees, where you can make ExpandShip available to a specific Geo-Zone (To learn how to create a geographic zone and select the countries available in it, please visit this article) and set a price based on weight or leave it empty and rely on the fees written in the General field above the Geo-Zones:


Save and ExpandShip will be ready-to-use and your customers will be able to choose it!


Choosing ExpandShip on the storefront

It will appear on the check-out page if it is available to the customer, and once it is selected and the order is completed, the order will be listed naturally on your orders page for processing:



Managing ExpandShip orders

Once the order is completed by the customer, it will appear on the orders page and the shipping method will appear as usual, in this case it is ExpandShip:


By checking the order, its status will be pending, all you have to do is click on the shipping company button and select ExpandShip as follows:


By clicking, you will confirm the customer's data, confirm the shipment and write the type of the shipped products. You can also leave notes reagrding the shipping:


By sending the order, the order will be shipped, the order status will be updated by us, and the order will be delivered to the customer automatically, and you will not have to make any effort on your part!


Note: Use the calculate button if you changed the weight and want to check the new shipping cost estimation.


Since ExpandShip will take care of everything related to shipping the order, what should be done if the order has been delivered and the order status is complete and the customer wants to return it? Simply press this button and we will gladly do the job:


Only after clicking will you leave a note and we will return the order to you!


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