eBay dropshipping


E-Bay is one of several dropshipping or commissioning applications that ExpandCart platform provides to you. And through it, you can buy and sell electronics, cars, clothes, collectibles and more


This article includes:

  • Linking and importing products from eBay
  • Application settings


integration and importing steps:

Go to Apps & services from the dashboard

search for ebay , then install the application 


The following steps are done through the Google Chrome browser. You must make sure that the browser is updated, then go to this following link and install the extension as follows:



Go to the eBay website and click on any category, as the extension will only work when you open the category page, making sure to browse through the link https://www.ebay.com/




press on the blue icon at the extensions bar and then Update Authentication details.




type the name of your store as shown in the following image.




Then a pop up will appear, where you can type the username and Token that you created earlier from within the application in the dashboard 






When you hover over any product, this import icon will appear. When you press this icon, this particular product will be imported.


And if you want to import a group of products at the same time, click on (Bulk Import) on the right of the page.




The products that have been imported from ebay will appear on your store in the eBay Products section.





App Configurations


click on the configurations tab in ebay application , make sure the app status is enabled and press save




Log in to your eBay Developers program account or create an account if you do not have one through "Get credentials from here"

Add the App/Client ID and App/Client Secret And press save







Complete order status : It is to determine the status of the order when it is completed. To differentiate between store orders and eBay orders in the reports, it is preferable to choose “default”


Dropship user group :  It is for specify the group of administrators who have the authority to use the application and to be able to import products from eBay. You can add and edit the user groups from the dashboard from settings then users and permissions.




Username: It is the name that will be used to link the eBay with ExpandCart.

You can add any username but make sure only English letters and numbers are used 

Token: It is the password or code that will be used in the process of linking the eBay with ExpandCart 

You can click on the Create Code icon to the left of the box to create your own code immediately.




Language for imported products: To determine the language in which the product data will be imported, “it is preferable to choose all”

Default Quantity of imported products: To specify the quantity of the product that you want to import with the product, it is preferable to write 20 for example, as leaving it blank will disable the product on the store front






Profit that added to product price (%): It is the percentage of profit that will be added to the original price of the product when it is imported from eBay

Price : To determine the price of the product to be imported from eBay, if Maximum is chosen, the highest price for the product will be imported.

For example, if the product is on sale, the discount price will be ignored and the product will be imported at its original price.

Default weight: To determine the default weight of products when they are imported into your store.

Default weight class : To determine the unit of weight that will be added on your store.





Direct to store status: It is the status of the products when they are imported from eBay to your store, It is preferable to choose Enabled so that the product will appear on the storefront after importing it

Remove Keywords/Add New Keyword: Specify the keyword that you want to add with products when importing them from eBay to help you with search engines.




ebay Orders:


From here, you can view the orders created by customers, and you can click on the cart button as shown below And it will redirect you to eBay site and complete the order for the customer




You can add the item to cart or Buy It now to complete the order for the customer 





a pop up will appear where you can write the customer's info as shown below and complete the order 



















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