Facebook business: integrate with Facebook and Instagram shops & Facebook Pixel

In this article, we will let you know how to connect your Facebook account (Pixel, pages, business account, and the catalog) with your store in ExpandCart to publish your products easily on your Facebook page or exporting the Facebook page's products to your store.


Firstly, you need to create a business account, please check this article to know how to create a Facebook business account, Facebook store, and a catalogue. 


In this article:

Connect your Facebook account:

You can connect your Facebook account as follows once you access the Facebook app through the "Apps & Services" tab:


Once you connect the Facebook account, the following list will appear including all of your Facebook pages, catalogs, Pixel, business account, and your main account. To connect or disconnect one of them, you will refer to the three dots beside each one as shown in the following screenshot:


If you want to disconnect your Facebook account, click on the "Disconnect Facebook Account" button shown in the previous screenshot.


Publish your products to your Facebook

To publish your products on your Facebook page or the other way round (Publishing your Facebook's catalog products to your store), click on this button:


You will find the default catalog and page shown above, if you want to change them and set other ones as the default ones, you can get back to the account settings by clicking on the "Account Settings" button:


To export your store's products to your Facebook, we will click on the "Publish Your Products" button shown on the same page and we will be redirected to the following page:


You can see that we can search for the items we want and select them as well as check if we published them before alongside their price and quantity that the items will be exported with, once we click on the "Publish Your Products" button we will choose on which of the activated languages we want the items to be exported in:


Please note that you can publish your products as it is or edit product details in the table (Name and Price) before publishing. Any update you will do will impact your product details on your store, not your Facebook's only:



Import your Facebook page's products to your store:


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