Store Affiliates Marketing App

Grow your business and drive bigger word of mouth than ever before. using this app you can begin affiliate marketing to reward loyal brand ambassadors and boost sales. Easily create, track and grow your own affiliate marketing programs. Affiliate tracking software for E-Commerce, to provide your business growth. 


App Features:

  • Easily installation:

Once you have installed the app "affiliate tab" will be added to the marketing tab in the platform's side menu. and there you can create links and assign them to specific ambassadors.


  • Recruit Affiliates:

Add affiliates through an invite manually, it gives you full control where You can activate or deactivate the link any time you want.


In this article:


What is Affiliate marketing?


The Affiliate marketing system is a commission-based system, meaning that you can allow your store’s visitors and customers to register as marketing representatives.


The Affiliate marketer promotes your products where the customer registers as a marketer on the affiliate system and after you approve their account, the account holder can create his own tracking link for each product they want to promote and then publish and share this link via email, social media platforms, or via their own websites or any other method of advertising and promotion.


If a client purchases from your site using this link, the specified commission is calculated for the affiliate account holder.



How does the (register as an affiliate marketer link) appears on the storefront?

There are specific links to be used so Affiliates can create or log in to their accounts.


Affiliate representative registration link:

 /index.php?route=affiliate/register/ (the link is placed directly after the store name) Example:


Affiliate delegate login link after registration:

/index.php?route=affiliate/login/ (the link is placed directly after the store name) Example:


You can add these links on your storefront by going to (online store) then edit your template or edit store design.


You can add the link in the header of your store.


Choose where you wish for it to be displayed. Type in the item text, then adds the affiliate registration link.


Or you can add it at the footer of your store.


And it will be displayed as follows:



How does the Affiliate marketer create an account?

When your store visitors enter your website, they can click on the Affiliate Account marketer account icon that we have created in the header or footer, the registration page will be displayed. The Affiliate marketer then selects the payment method he wishes to use to receive the agreed profit percentage.



What is the next step after installing the app?

Once you have installed the app, you will be able to access it and enable its status.


Once done, a new tab will appear in the marketing section, which is the Affiliate tab.


From this tab, you can view the account information that has been created. Please note that the created accounts are not automatically approved and they must be approved after being reviewed by the store manager by clicking on the account holder's name and then clicking on the approval icon.


The commission percentage that the marketer will receive for each sale made through the marketer's link, to be specified and agreed on between the store owner and the affiliate marketer. You can add this percentage through the affiliate marketer profile.




How does the Affiliate marketer promote my store products?

Once you have approved the marketer's account, they will be able to log into their account and then assign a tracking code to be used to promote your store's products.


The marketer chooses the product they want to market, they will be granted a tracking code and will be given a link that the customer must buy the product through to ensure that they will get the agreed-upon percentage in exchange for the purchase.


The customer then can go to this link and purchase the product.


Once the order is made, the store manager can access this order and manually add the commission to the marketer’s account by clicking on the add button.


The commission will be displayed on the marketer’s profile as follows:


The marketer can view his commission by going to (View Order History)


They will be able to view all their sales details as shown:unnamed_-_2021-05-20T093646.965.png

Can the store manager create an affiliate account from their side?

You can add an affiliate account by going to the Marketing section, then Affiliate from your store dashboard, then click on the (Add a new affiliate) button.


You will be directed to the account creation page. Insert the marketer’s information and specify commission percentage and the payment method and the account will be created.



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