Product Builder App

The app allows your customers to build their own products using product options. You can set options for the product that contains other products, then customers will pick one from those options you set (You can make it optional or mandatory to choose one of the options or products). It works perfectly with products such as PCs and electronics generally.  


In this article we will let you know how to:

Install the app:

To install the app we will access the "Apps and services" tab through the dashboard then search for the app in order to open its page and install it as follows:


Then make sure to enable the app's status and click on the "Save" button:



Apply it to a product:

  • We will access the product's page by clicking on it to add the options after accessing the products page through the dashboard.
  • Make sure that the items you will add to the product already in your store, if they're not, then make sure to add them as products first to be able to add them to the product that will contain them as options.


Whether your editing an item or adding a new item, you can create an option, in this example, we will set an option called Processor and add its values according to the ones we will offer:

  • We will click on the "Create New option" then select the Products type as shown in the below screenshot as well as setting the name of the option in each language activated on your store
  • You can click on "Add Option Value" and you will have a drop-down menu that includes all of your store items to select the ones you want to add to this option
  • Once you set the values, click on the " Save" button


Then we can type the price and weight of each option as well as making it mandatory to choose one of the option's values or not:


We can add more options following the same steps, once we are done we will click on the "Save" button. 


Finally, the item will look like this from the customer's interface:



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