Buyer Subscription Plan App

This App enables you to offer Subscription Plans to your clients. Each plan has different benefits.




  • Create Unlimited Plans with different Periods
  • Assign Discount Coupons to each plan
  • Assigned Coupon will be applied Automatically when the subscribers make orders


In this article:


  • How to Install the app
  • App setup
  • How to install the app:


Go to apps and services from your store dashboard.



Search for Buyer Subscription Plan App



Access the app and install it



  • App setup


Once you have accessed the app, you will first be directed to the app settings

Make sure that the app status is enabled, then specify the sort order.




Through the subscription section, you can add all the subscriptions required by clicking on (Add new subscription plan).



You will be directed to the following page:


Make sure that the status is enabled.

Insert the plan’s title, description, price, then specify the coupon that will automatically apply once the customer purchases this subscription.

Specify the plan’s period, then click on the save button.



After you added the subscription plans following the same instructions that have been explained previously, the customer will be able to choose one of these packages and subscribe to it.



Once the customer makes the payment, the coupon will be automatically activated on his account.



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