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ExpandCart provides direct integration with Tagerly, the first Egyptian website that allows you to sell online without the need to own, store and ship products to customers. Simply, add products from the Tagerly website to your store. Determine the profit margin you see applicable. After the customer orders the product from your store, send the order to my Tagerly. They will send the order to the customer, collect the order value, then the profit margin will be deposited into your account (The profit margin is the difference between the product's price on the Tagerly website plus the shipping price and the price on your store).


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How to create an account with Tegerely and get Integration data:


Go to Tagerly.net


Then click on (Signup)



Enter the required information (name, phone number, email, and password)


A verification message will be sent to your email.



Log in with the link that was sent to you.



A confirmation email will be displayed.



After you have successfully logged into the Tegerly website, click (link your store)



Then enter your email, password, and your store link. And click (Create Secret Key).




This is the data that is used in the integration process.


How to Integrate your store with Tagerly:


Go to Apps & Service from your store dashboard.



Search for Tagerly app.



Access the app and install it.



Make sure that the status is enabled, then paste the integration data that we have obtained from Tagerly website.



Importing products from Tagerly to your store:


There are three options to import products into your store:


  • Import by Category
  • Import by a list of favorite products on Tagerly
  • Importing all Tagerly products


Import by Category:


You can import products from one or more specific categories by choosing (Import from custom categories, select one or more categories, then click on Save.


Import by a list of favorite products on Tagerly:


You can import specific products by adding them to favorite products list on Tagerly, then choose (your products list on Tagely, then click on save.



Importing all Tagerly products:


You can import all products from Tagerly to your store by choosing Import all products, then click on save.




Determine the price of the product and amend its details:


Go to the products section from your store dashboard, then enter the product page for the product you have imported from Tagerly.



You can modify the product’s Info (such as images, description, etc.)

You can also determine the profit margin by adjusting the price.


The profit field will be updated automatically (which is the difference between the cost price and the price you have specified)



Tagerly Shipping Rates:


Go to the (user guide) on the Tagerly website to check the shipping rates for each region.





You can adjust the shipping settings to match the prices specified on the Tagerly website.



Order process, how it appears on your website, and how to send the order to Tagerly:


1- The customer orders a product from your store by adding it to the shopping cart.




2- They will be directed to the checkout page, where they enter their personal info and chooses their desired payment method.


3- Once an order is completed, go to the orders section from your store dashboard.



Click on Drop Shipping Icon, then choose Tagrly



Make sure that all the details are correct and add any additional information if there’s any, then click on (Send order)



Now, when you go to your account on Tagerly, click on (my account, then following orders), you will find the order that we have sent.




You can now follow up on the status of the order, to make sure that it is sent to the customer, and then get your profit margin.



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