Downloadable Products App

You can add downloadable attachments to your products by installing this app, for instance, PDF books and product manuals.
We will need to download the app and activate it first so we can get benefited from its features as follow:
Once we install it, we will make sure that we're enabling its status:
Now we have installed the app, we will be able to add an attachment (Downloadable file) to a product by accessing the products page and following the below steps:
Through the downloads page we accessed we will be able to attach a file so we can link it to a product afterward:
Once we click on the above button, we will be redirected to the below page so we can upload the file and set the download name which will appear to customers in each language activated in your store (The filename is the name of the uploaded file, it will be set automatically based on the uploaded file) as well as a mask name to prevent customers from accessing the downloadable file directly:
As shown above we can set a limit for the total downloads allowed for the file as well.
In case you updated one of the downloads or edited it, you can enable this switch in order to apply the updates on the purchased orders:
Once we click on the "Save" button, we can add a new product or edit an existing product from the products page in order to link the downloadable file to it through the "Links" section as follow:
When the customer purchases the order the file will be available in customer's account in the downloads section:


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