Gold seller app



Gold Seller App is the best solution if you work in the jewelry field.


This application allows you to easily set and change the prices of gold products, based on weight, caliber, and Manufacturing fee.


How to Install the Gold Seller App:


First, go to Apps & Services from your store’s dashboard.



Search for Gold Seller App.


Open the app and install it.




Make sure that the app status is enabled then click on add caliber.




Through this page, you will be able to add calibers, prices for each caliber, and determine the manufacturing fee.

You can add more calibers by clicking on the add new caliber button.


Make sure that the status is enabled,then click on the save button.




How the App works:


Now you can go to the products section and add a new product.



In the product pge, the product price will disappear and a new section will be add which is the (Gold Price)


The product price will be determined based on the details that we will insert.


Specify the caliber, the weight in grams, then specify the manufacturer fee, whether on product or on every gram.


The product price will be calculated automatically.



Once inputs are saved, you can click on the preview button to to preview how the product will look like on the storefront page.



This is how the product is displayed to your customers.







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