Activating manual and PayPal payment.

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Activating Manual payments:




-Cash On Delivery:

If you haven't enabled any payment app, this means that all customers will pay cash on delivery by default, unless you want to disable it or adjust it.


-Bank Transfer:

Enables customers to transfer funds to your bank account. You can activate this option by clicking on "Bank Transfer" from Settings>>Payment. Insert your bank account number in both languages and​​ your bank information will be displayed when the customer selects this payment gateway:





Make sure that the status is Enabled, then adjust the settings such as setting the minimum total order to activate this option, and setting the order status in case an order was placed through this payment method, finally, click on "Save changes" or "Install App" if you didn't install it yet:




-Credit Card On Delivery:


This option is similar to the cash-on-delivery option, but in this case, the delivery representative uses the electronic payment machine (POS) to make the customer pay with their credit cards upon receiving the order.


To activate this payment option, access the "Credit Card On Delivery" payment option then click on on "Proceed" as follows:






From this page, make sure that the status is enabled, then adjust the app settings, such as the minimum order amount required to activate this payment method and the name of the option that will be displayed to customers, and then click on "Install App":




Activating PayPal payment:


From the same page, we will access this section:



To activate the PayPal payment, open the preferred PayPal payment gateway, then click on "Get Started". You will be asked on the next page whether you have an account with PayPal or not. If you do not have an account, please go to to create one., if you have an account already, you will be transferred to the next and final section:



Add the email linked to your PayPal account. Then adjust settings such as the total required to activate this payment method, the order statuses in the case of a completed or rejected order, and so on. Make sure the status is Enabled then click on install app. The PayPal payment option will be activated and available to customers afterward.



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