Getting Reports Using Google Analytics

The successful management of an e-commerce store requires detailed reports through
which you can track the actions of customers, know their locations and demographics, and get
closer to understanding their purchasing behavior – what they prefer or what content disturbs
them – and other reports that enable you to dig deep into your customers’ behavior and from
where visitors come to your website.

This is all provided by Google Analytics tool, by linking your account on this tool to the
website of your online store, after that you will get monthly reports on every movement within
the store and the behavior of visitors and customers .
Therefore, ExpandCart platform was keen to offer its users an integration with Google
Analytics through the dashboard of their online store.
Throughout this article, you will learn the steps you need in order to link your online
store to Google Analytics.


Step 1: Getting Track ID and Setting up Your Google Analytics Account

1. Go to Google Analytics and set up an account for your business/brand (for free).


2. Click on the settings icon at the bottom left. From the second column, choose “Property


3. Copy the “Tracking ID” number as you’ll need to paste it on ExpandCart’s dashboard.


4. Now, it’s time to set up the e-commerce settings on your Google Analytics account.
5. From “Admin,” choose “Ecommerce Settings.”


6. Toggle the button from “OFF” to “ON” to “Enable Ecommerce” and “Enable Enhanced
Ecommerce Reporting”


7. Finally, hit “Save” at the bottom of the page.

Now you have set up the tasks for your business account on Google Analytics and you only have
to integrate it with your store on ExpandCart dashboard .


Step 2: Integrating Your Online Store with Google Analytics


1. Go to your store's dashboard on ExpandCart.
2. On the far left, click on the "Marketing" option and then click “Integrations


3. On the integrations page, you will find a section for "Google Analytics" for e-commerce, as
shown below.


4. You’ll notice that there are three main setup icons:


Status: In order for this feature to be enabled, toggle the button to “Enable.”
Property or Tracking ID: Paste here the tracking ID that we extracted in the first step.
Tracked Actions: Here you are to choose the activity that you want to track within your
store whether purchase, checkout, adding to the basket, and other activities that
customers perform on your online store. Accordingly, tracking will be done through the
tracking code of your Google Analytics account giving you detailed reports on the
behavior of your customers inside your website .


The following is a full explanation of each of these options:
Choose this option to receive detailed reports of successful purchases done on your online store.
Initiate Checkout
Choose this option to get detailed reports about users who completed an order on your website,
but without paying the amount of the product or commodity – only completing an order.
View Content
Choose this option to get reports on users who landed on a piece of content on your website
and viewed it (product page, section, offers page, or any of the content on your website) and did
not take any action.
Add to Basket
This option enables you to get detailed reports on the products that are selected by your store
customers and added to their cart or shopping basket, without necessarily completing an order
or purchase those products in the basket.
This option enables you to get insights whether users search on specific products, sections, or
content within your e-commerce website .

Important note You can choose one or more of these actions, according to your needs for the
type of reports you want to receive from Google Analytics .

5. Finally, do not forget to click "Save" at the bottom of the integrations page.


Now, you’ve linked your online store to Google Analytics and you will start receiving reports
about customer behavior, visits to your website, as well as purchases and other activities and
actions taken by customers and visitors on your e-commerce store.


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