How can I install the ExpandCart Slack application to integrate my store notifications with Slack?

Get notification from your ExpandCart online store, stay on top of all events and notifications.

App settings can be configured from your ExpandCart store backend, you can also change what events you need to be notified with.

For example, get notified when you receive a new order, and get all order details, like products, total, order number, and order link to handle.

The installation steps are easy:

1- Open the ExpandCart Slack app URL from here:

2- Click on Add to Slack button, the app will take you to your Slack workspace and asks you to allow it to be added to your workspace.

3- Click on Allow, so that the app is added to your workspace, then select the channel you want it to be connected to.

4- From the App Settings copy the webhook URL

5- Go to your ExpandCart store backend

6- From the side menu, click on Marketing, then Integrations

7- Goto the last section of the page which is for Slack integration

8- Paste the webhook URL, and switch on the status switch.

9- Click Save

Your store is now connected with Slack, any notifications your store will send, will be received on the slack channel you have configured.



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