I want to know the properties of multi merchant marketplace application that existing inside my store control panel. part Two?

We will complete with you the second part of the article multi-merchant marketplace application

Part 5: Products

inside this part, there are all the products of the registered merchants on your store which listed by them, indicating the name of the seller and the date of product creation and the date of modification 

Next image for clarification

We would like to mention that to activation products listed by the merchants until they appear on the storefront is by click at the green save icon ... Next image for illustration

There are also features such as search and export information for existing products in case you want to keep them 


by search box of a special search, you can search for a specific product inside the page


Through this feature, you can export the information of all the products listed to the merchants by clicking on the export icon and then choosing the appropriate file with you until it is downloaded on your computer

Part 6: Attributes

inside this part, you can add a new Attribute which through traders can use it when inserting their own products ...

As an example you can create a descriptor called processor and its value is described as Snapdragon 825 ... This is done through the following fields after a click at insert icon 

1. Attribute group

Through this tap there are sets of Attributes that were previously created inside your store control panel by going to the products then Attributes then click on Attributes Groups and then click on create a new Groups 

For more information on how to add a new Attribute please read the following article



Through this icon, you can control the enable or disable the feature inside the settings product add


Through this icon, you can control the enable or disable obliging traders to use this Attribute 

Sort order

Through this icon, you can control the sorting order with other attributes 


inside this icon, there is a menu with many options which through you can control the shape form value of the attribute on the product page

2. Property value

inside this section the name of the attribute is entered as an example of Snapdragon 825 ... also can add a picture to express the name of the attribute by clicking on the browse icon ... With the possibility to control the arrangement of the attribute by Sort order box ....

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3. Address

Inside this section is entering the name address Attribute only Just to indicate what expression to the store manager and that through the Attribute value ... With the possibility put a description of this Attribute in the description box

After all the settings are completed, click at Save icon

Part 7: Seller group

Through this part, you can include a named group for sellers and write a description describing this group also control determination the period of inclusion product and determine the number of quantity products with the possibility to control the determination of sales fees , method listing fees, and method subscription fees ... Through the next taps


Through this tap is written the address name of the merchant group ... as example merchant group


Through this tap write description expresses about the merchant group ... as an example of the merchant's group of kingdom

Product listing period in days (0 for unlimited)

Through this tap, you can specify the required time to insert the product .... Note : (Enter 0 to be unlimited) This is the best for the trader

Product quantity (0 for no limit)

Through this tap, You can specify the Quantity number of products of this group (merchant group) ... Note: (Enter 0 to be unlimited) This is the best trader

Sale fee

Through this tap you can set the value sales fees that are made through the product's sales of traders ... and you can leave them without value

Listing fee/method

Through this tap you can set the value product listing fee on your store ... and you can leave it without value

Signup fee / method

Through this tap, you can set the value subscription fees on your store with the possibility of Determine the appropriate payment method for this group (merchant group)

Part 8: Sellers

inside this part, there is all registered merchant accounts information on your online store including seller name, e-mail, products, sales, earning, balance total, status, date created.

The following images illustrate the information previously mentioned

The merchant accounts information located inside part 8 (Sellers) is a result of creating a merchant account on your storefront ... to be able the merchant create an account on your store must have a normal account on the store and then can make a new seller account ... Next image for clarification

After clicking on the New seller account icon will appear the form which through it can make a merchant account on your website 

The model includes the following data

Nickname (Specify your seller nickname), Description (write a description for yourself), Company (Your company (optional), Website (Enter your website (optional), Country (select your country.), Region/state (select your region/state from the list). , PayPal (specify your PayPal address), Bank Transfer (bank transfer data), Dedicated payment methods, Avatar

We would like to point out that the store manager can create a merchant account inside the multi-merchant marketplace application by clicking on insert icon ... This method can be done in case all the merchant data is known by the store manager ... Next picture for clarification

After pressing on Insert icon, you will see the same data from on the storefront ... After you fill in the data please click on Save icon

This application is free for the Ultimate package and the highest packages ... the price on the other fewer packages is 199 $

On the next link, you can learn more about the prices of the packages with the applications attached with each package    




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