How can make Discounts on product prices on subdomains?

In order to be able to make offers discounts on the prices of your store products on specific subdomains, you must first activate the multi-country store app inside the apps and services inside the control panel store

For more information on implementing multi-country store app and how to make its own settings, please read the following article

also, it is necessary to make sure to add all the currencies corresponding to the subdomains until the discount rates are applied to the subdomains

For more information on how to add currencies to your store, please read the following article

after activation and do the setting of the multi-country store app is entering the products that you want to do on it discounts on the specific sub-domains by clicking on Discounts icon inside the product settings,,, the next picture for clarification

after clicking on Discounts icon will appear with you the own settings which include the following

Customer group, quantity, priority, price, Date Start, Date End, Domain

Customer group: through this tap you can identify the customers will be will benefit from the discount offers such as retail customers or wholesale customers

Quantity: through this tap, you can put the quantity of products which discount offers will be applied 

priority: through this tap, you can determine the number of the first customers who will benefit from the discount offer

price: through this tap you can put the Discount price product 

Date Start: through this tap set the start date of the reduction offer 

Date End: through this tap set the expiry date of the reduction offer 

Domain: through this field select the sub-domain which the reduction offer will be applied 

The following images for clarification after the special setting is done to reduce product and its appearance on the sub-domain (the Egyptian Domain)

Notice :

You can add more than a new reduced price product by clicking on Add New Discount icon and applying it to more than one subdomain or you can put a price reduction product and apply it to all subdomains 

Next image for illustration


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