How can I add add prices products on sub domains?

until you can add different prices on products of your store at the subdomains you should at the beginning activation the Multi-Country Store app  

For more information on implementing a Multi-Country Store app and how to make its own settings, please read the following article

We also want to mention the addition currencies to your store so that they are applied to subdomains inside the Multi-Country Store app

For more information on how to add currencies to your store, please read the following article

after the activation and do the setting of Multi-Country Store app entering the products you want to add allocated prices to them on specific sub-domains that by clicking on Multi-Country Store icon inside the product settings,,, the next image of clarification

After clicking on Multi-Country Store icon you will see the own settings, which include Dedicated Domain, Domain Name, Country, Dedicated Price

Through these settings, you will see all the sub-domains added to multi Country Store app Previously with the possibility of enabling or disable the product in any of the domains and you can add a custom price for this product to apply it only on the selected domain.

the next picture for clarification


If you did not enter a custom price for any domain, the basic price will be applied at the basic domain.


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