How can I make reduce prices for my store products?

To attract your store customers into your products you have to make discounts on products from time to time,,, through this article we will show you how to reduce the price of a specific product with the possibility of determining the category of customers you want to target them

1. Go from the control panel into products than products and then choose the product you want reducing by clicking on the three-point icon and then choose Edit,,, the next image for clarification 

2. After clicking on the edit icon will appear all the taps of the product settings,,, will be directed to Discounts tap through which it the can doing the setting to reduce the price product and Discounts tap includes the following :

(Customer Group , Quantity, Priority, Price, Date Start, Date End )

Customer Group : Which through this icon you select Specific group of customers such as (retail customers or wholesale customers) to benefit from this offer, so that to be able to create specific groups going from control panel into customers then customer groups and then click on create a new group and put the required data, For more information on this topic please read the following article

Quantity: determined The number of products that will be applied for the benefit of this reduction offer 

Priority: Determine the number of people who will benefit from this reduction offer 

Price: set The discount rate that will appear on the product page on your front store

Start Date, End Date: Through these fields, determined the start and end date of the reduction offer

The following images are for clarification after the preparation of the reduction settings and their appearance on the product page

note: You can make more than one reduction offer of the product with Determine of customers who will benefit from this offer 


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