Want to know about the vouchers feature existing in Advanced settings Store?

Through this article we will explain to you the Voucher Options located inside the control panel which includes the following : 

( Voucher Min , Voucher Max

In order to access the Vouchers Options  tap , going from control panel into setting then advanced settings and vouchers ,,, the next picture to clarify

1. Voucher Min

Through this icon you can control how many times the gift voucher is used on your store products by your customers (Minimum amount a customer can purchase a voucher for.) You can control the increase or decrease of the number through icons + , -  ,,, the next picture for clarification

2. Voucher Max 

Through this icon you can control the value of the gift voucher that is used by your customers on your store products (Maximum amount a customer can purchase a voucher for.) You can control the increase or decrease the value through the icon + , -  Next image for clarification

Note :

After you have completed any setup inside the Voucher Options page must click on the Save icon

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