How to create an Instagram account for developers and activate the login feature through it on my online store

Expandcart provides a service called social login (via social media), including Instagram.

In order for your e-store customers to register via their Instagram account, you need to create your own Instagram developer account and then you can create a new customer registration (you). Extract the following data from your account and put it in the application social login so that the property is activated for your customers on your e-store

Client ID

Client Secret

Through this article, I will show you how to create an Instagram account for developers with how to create your own request so that the required data is extracted and then included in the application social login

1. Create an Ingram account for developers

before creating an Instagram account for developers, there must be a personal Instagram account, in the absence of a personal account, please create your own account via the following link

After creating the account you can log in to the following link and click on the Log in icon located at the top right of the screen

The following image is to illustrate the location of the icon


After clicking on the Log in icon, the account was created with ease.

2. Register a request

In order to register your application, you must click on the Register Your Application icon

The following picture is for clarification


Then click on the icon Register a New Client,,, the following picture to clarify


After clicking on the Register a New Client icon, a page will appear with fields where information will be entered until a new registration request is made ...

The following image illustrates the shape of the model and its fields


This image is divided into two parts: Details, Security


In this title, it contains many boxes which will be explained 

Application Name

You are typing the name of the application you want and as an example, you can type the name of your website as an example Souq


You can type the name of your site with the phrase online store, as a final example will be Souq Online Store

Company Name

The name of the website you want is typed as an example Souq

Website URL

You can type your website link as an example,

Important Note: Your site must have a security certificate, meaning that the site starts with https ... where the request will not be created unless your site has this certificate ...

Valid redirect URIs

This field means to redirect your site link and synchronize with the site of Instagram so that customers of your e-store can register via Instagram successfully within your e-store

You can enter the following links taking into account the change of your domain name instead of

Privacy Policy URL

This is where you enter the link of the privacy policy of your online store, if it does not exist you can enter the link of the main store page

Contact email

Through this box, you can enter your e-mail in case you want Instagram to communicate with you

After filling the required information in these fields, click on the Register icon located at the bottom of the page


3. Extract Client ID data, Client Secret

This step extracts the data that will be inserted into the social Login application which is

Client ID , Client Secret

The following image to clarify where to extract the required information and then click on the Update Client located at the bottom of the page, The following picture is for clarification


Then click on the Security icon and click on the Update Client icon, the following picture to clarify


4. Request permission. permissions

In order to activate your order, you must request permission from the Instagram platform so that your store customers can log in via their accounts via Ingram on your online store.

In order to request permission, you must click on the permissions icon and then click on Start a submission ...

After that, you will be going to the permission review page. Within this page, you will be answered some questions that will help activate your order and be in live mode.

The following are questions and answers related to them, which must be answered as follows

Which use case best describes your Instagram integration?

My app allows people to login with Instagram and shares their own content.

How does your app use the Instagram API?

we are providing customers Login by Instagram, this App let customers login at the online store by their Instagram accounts and we add an option to login by Instagram

Video Screencast URL:

Then click on the Submit icon until the permission request is sent to the Instagram platform

The following image to clarify what was explained previously


In the end, waiting no longer than 48 hours to verify the activation of the order by the Instagram platform and be either in live mode or still in the test mode, which means that it has been rejected with an explanation of the reasons on their part to be processed and resubmit the application

The following image to clarify the form of acceptance of the application is in the living situation


If you are unable to register an order, please send your Instagram account details to our support team so that the request can be processed through our own account.  


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