How Can i upload files and attached it inside product data?

Yes,,, there is a feature inside the control panel store through it can be added files and then linked them inside the product data,,, Through this article will show you the steps:

1. Going from the control panel into products then download files then click on add a new download file icon,,, the next picture for clarification

2. After clicking at add a new download file icon, will show the setting page of the downloads files that includes the following fields:

Download Name, Filename (file title), Mask (address title) , Total Downloads Allowed (number of files attached)

After fill this data pressed at icon upload until the file is uploaded from your computer and then click on save,,, the next image for clarification

Important Note :
In order to successfully upload the file with you please contact customer service to be able to upload this type of files., such as Office files, pdf, and other file types

3. After uploading the particular file then directed into a Selected product to linked the file,,, inside the product settings there is a title called links which inside it you will find an icon called downloads which through it written file name to be linked with product data,,, the next image to clarify 


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