I want explain the details of the dashboard page?

Inside the dashboard page there are many information and details that reflect the profits and orders of the store and other information,,, In this article will explain you all the information containing this page by entering the Dashboard Tap:

1. Viewing orders :

Which shows you how many new orders have been made to your store during the day,,, also explained the number of unhandled orders,,, until viewed the orders Click on the icon see orders

2. Visitors online now :

Though it can display a live report about the number of visitors your store, whether it is accessed through a computer or mobile

Next picture for clarification Points 1, 2

3. Profits :

which through it displayed a store Profits report at the following periods (today, yesterday, this month, last month)

4. Orders :

which through it displayed a report of orders number that placed on your store in the following periods (today, yesterday, this month, last month)

The following picture to illustrate points 3, 4

5. New Customers :

which through it see the number of new customers who do a new account at your store

6. Avg. Order Value :

which through it you can know the average value of orders placed on your store

7. Returning Clients % :

which through it can know the number of customers who left your store during browsing the site and then returned back 

8. Returns :

Through it explained the number of Returns orders by your customers 

The following picture illustrates the points 5,6,7,8

9. Time Period:

At the top of the dashboard page, there is Specify time period icon, which allows you to specify a specific date to display the information and details of the dashboard page. The available dates for sorting information and details of the dashboard page are as follows (today, yesterday, last 7 days, last 30 days, Month, last month, custom range: duration period 2 months only) After chose the selected date click on Apply,,, the next image for clarification 


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