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I want explaining about all the fields of added product ?



  • Nariman Issa

    1- Links within the article are not working (except youtube)

    2- Product data feed specifications should be available ASAP, describing the technical details for each field, type, size, codes (if coded settings), optional/mandatory,....etc. 

    3- The example sheet in the import page is not clear at all, and misleading for any non-technical person who would like to import products data

    4- A suggestion for products' options, to provide the option to attach an image for each variant from product images, so if a product has different colors for example, when the user selects a specific color on the web page, the attached image will be shown,

    5- Colors/Sizes page (Admin) need an export command to export colors code in an excel sheet, it is needed for advanced options products importing.

    6- Categories page (Admin) need an export command to export categories' codes in an excel sheet, it is needed for advanced options products importing.
    7- All coded fields need to be specified with a description for each code, and to be exportable in an excel sheet.
    8- In products field matching page (during importing) coded fields need to be set to default values initially (user can select matched field from his excel sheet if he has) other option need to be shown also in the drop down, so the user can set certain value to all imported records if he doesn't has a matching field in the imported excel sheet
    9- Please provide an option for the Brand to be shown or bot shown on product page. There is a setting to show it or hide it on products listing pages (I think but not for the product's page)
    10- There is no compare at price in the matching page for the imported products
    11- Meta Keywords & Tags fields, not clear when each of them is displayed, entered data in Meta Keywords will be shown in tags tab in product web page, so I think they are the same. but in product matching page (during import) they are shown 2 fields:
    12- These formats need to be explained in details:
    13- Model field usage is not clear, please add more details that it links the product record with variants and it need to be unique for each product
    14- Internal Note field, I understood that it used for extra data about the product to show on the product page , if so, it is not shown (it is not explained in the above article)
    15 - Since your platform supports multi-currency, I suggest to add different entry fields for each currency ( as for languages) for fields that are related to price, cost...etc. 
  • Nariman Issa

    Knowledge base articles need to updated according to latest updates and modifications on the platforms, so it reflect the current release.


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