I want explaining about all the fields of added product ?

There are many fields that exist within the settings of adding a new product on the control panel of your store ... In this article we will clarify all the fields that can be used to show you the product at professionally way . 

After clicking on the Add new product icon will appear with you all the fields that can be used to add a new product and appears on your front store , which includes the following : 

1. The name of the product: through which is written the name of your product, which should     be a pretty attractive and with short name ... Next picture for clarification

2. Product description: through which can type details, information, product features and other things that can be added like pictures and videos related to this product are upload , which we recommend always put a detailed explanation of the product with the inclusion pictures and video explaining about product ...

The Square Description product has many characteristics that can be used such as follows :

  • Style: which can control the size of the line within the details description product ... where you can choose a specific term and make it the main address of the details product and the rest of the product information is in a smaller line of the main address .. Whenever the main title is chosen by smaller size whenever the smaller of words at Product Details ... Next image for clarification ... 
  • Bold (B): through showing the size word with more clearly ... Click on the beginning at the word you wanted and then click on the BOLD icon (B).
  • Underline: through which a line can be made under a specific word or address so that it is expressed as a specific item in the details of the product .... Next picture for clarification
  • Remove font style: which can be done by scanning the speech format that is inside the Product Details Square ... When using this feature the shape of the words is different from the other ... Next picture for clarification
  • Font Family : which can change the size and shape of word line ... and there many of the most font family types like : Arial, Arial black, Impact, Comic new, Helvetica ... Next picture for clarification
  • Font Size: It is possible to enlarge the size words description product details so that the shape is different from the other ... Next picture for clarification
  • Recent Color: which can change the color of the words of the description product with a change also the background of these words ... also Can be rest default setting in case you want to go back to the initial settings ... Next image for clarification
  • Unordered list: which through it can identify the words and a certain string then click on these icons to be next  words dotted marks .... Next image for clarification2018-08-02_22-43-37.jpg
  • Oerder list : Which through it can be done identification of words and a certain string then click on these icon to be next sentence numbers ... Next image for clarification
  • Paragraph: which through you can format the words of the description product where there are many options inside it such as Align right or left or center, Justify ,outdent and indent  ... This is mean can control of  the format words according the form you want to appear On the storefront ... Next picture for illustration as an example of a center shape
  • Table: which through it can doing a table and insert the dimensions of the product or product colors ... The following picture for clarification
  • Link: which can be put through the link from the Internet in a specific word in the details of the product for example YouTube so that when pressed on the word transfer into this site ... Next image for clarification
  • Image: which can be uploaded images through your computer in the product details Square...  Next pictures for clarification
  • Video: which through you can put an explanatory video about the product in the product description Square ... Next picture for clarification
  • For more information on how to put a video inside the product description ... you can read the following article  https://expandcart.zendesk.com/knowledge/articles/360007184754/en-us?brand_id=360000292593

3. Images: which can be uploaded to the pictures of your product and there are two fields, namely Upload New Image and Select from Media Manager

Upload New Image: Its expresses the possibility of uploading images through your computer, Select from Media Manager: its Existence folders have been done in advance and inside this folders the images ...also at Select from Media Manager you can search about the particular folder. The following images for clarification

For more information on how to create folder  image inside a control panel and use it in the product settings ... you can read the following article


4.Pricing: which through you can put the price of the product that will appear on the front store also can put the trade price or cost price of the product to know your profits from this product ... There is also tax Tap which can be put a tax on the price of the product ... Also can Control the minimum quantity can be ordered from this product ... Next picture for clarification

5. Inventory: The information about this product can be placed through the stock available to you for this product. Also, you can control the condition of the product that is not available, as there are several choices within it (2-3 days, prior reservation, unavailable, available) You can choose what suits you according to the case of each product you have in stock .. Also, there can be written a number of the product which is linked to the stock which is expressed by the SKU ... There is also Subtract Stock of product: which can control Make the product be deducted or not deducted when ordering the product from the customer ... Also can be written quantity number available from This product. 

6. Shipping: which you can put the shipping settings of this product by activating the shipment of this product or not and determine the type of weight (kilograms, grams, pounds, ounce) and length (centimeter, millimeter, inch) ... Also weight For product and dimensions in case of shipping the product by weight.

7. Options: which through you can set options for the product and appear in a specific way on at the front store ... In the search box, you can write the option if it was done earlier ...Or you can click on create a new option ... Next images for clarification.

 When you click Create New option it will appear setting up a new option which includes type, option name, add or delete option values 

There are many types of options:

The types here include the drop-down menu and makes the option appear in the list when you press at arrow shows the options in the list.

The radio type makes the options next to the circles you choose from them and shows all the options face.

The type of selection here is an example of a box next to each option

All these types of previous types of selection, and also  there is Enter A Word: including the text and a text field in these options when applied, customers can enter the texts that he wants as applied to you

Below is a file here that enables you to upload files

In the Date and Time tab, you can add an option here, to add a specific date, for example, to receive the shipment or the date of receipt. Any details you want to enter in the name of this option and this applies to the time option

The name of the option: which is a name that reflects the names of the options that will appear on the front store and for example like color

Add or delete option values: which you can add a new option name or delete a previously added value and make sure that the option required to be used by customers ... Next images for clarification

For more information on product options, you can read the following article : 


8. Attributes: You can put an Attribute or a set of Attributes groups for the product ...You can click on the search bar to find the name of the Attribute that you have previously created or you can create a new Attribute ... Next image for clarification

For more information on how to add a new Attribute, you can read the following article : 


9. Discounts: which through it can doing Discount price offer by adding a specified number of quantity and have priority for a specific number of customers at a specified price. It is also possible to specify a specific group of customers to benefit from this offer as an example of retail or wholesale customers. also set the start date of the offer and the termination. Also, the discount rates can be set on specific domains. The following images are for clarification

10. Seo settings: which means improving the appearance of your store on the search engines ... which is the Meta Description and Meta Keywords  ... To learn more about this topic you can read the following articles 



11. Product Availability Address: which includes the following fields (Status: It enables or disables the appearance of the product on the front store), Date Added: The date on which the product was added in. Model: A number that expresses the product model number. Sometimes it is composed of numbers and letters, Barcode: it expresses the international trademark in  case of exporting this product externally

You can choose the barcode type by going from the control panel to the settings then advanced settings and then products and choose the barcode type where there is in its list of many types of barcode and most famous Code 39 or you can select what its fir with your store. 

12. Links: which includes the following fields (Brand: which expresses the mark of this product and is added through the brand's tap located in products tap .... Categories: Through this cell is linked to this product with section ... Downloads: These are the files that are uploaded to this product ... Related products: These products are placed previously and selected in this box to appear as products related to the main product

13. Reward Points: This includes two fields: the first is the points (which reflect the number of reward points required to buy this product without paying money to buy it.) If you do not want this product to be ordered by points, place the value zero. The second is the Customer Group and Reward Points: They have rewarded customers with certain reward points that are added to their account when purchasing this product. A number of points specified can get when purchasing this product for any customer.

In the end, we invite you to watch the following educational video on how to add products to your store easily 



Nariman Issa

1- Links within the article are not working (except youtube)

2- Product data feed specifications should be available ASAP, describing the technical details for each field, type, size, codes (if coded settings), optional/mandatory,....etc. 

3- The example sheet in the import page is not clear at all, and misleading for any non-technical person who would like to import products data

4- A suggestion for products' options, to provide the option to attach an image for each variant from product images, so if a product has different colors for example, when the user selects a specific color on the web page, the attached image will be shown,

5- Colors/Sizes page (Admin) need an export command to export colors code in an excel sheet, it is needed for advanced options products importing.

6- Categories page (Admin) need an export command to export categories' codes in an excel sheet, it is needed for advanced options products importing.
7- All coded fields need to be specified with a description for each code, and to be exportable in an excel sheet.
8- In products field matching page (during importing) coded fields need to be set to default values initially (user can select matched field from his excel sheet if he has) other option need to be shown also in the drop down, so the user can set certain value to all imported records if he doesn't has a matching field in the imported excel sheet
9- Please provide an option for the Brand to be shown or bot shown on product page. There is a setting to show it or hide it on products listing pages (I think but not for the product's page)
10- There is no compare at price in the matching page for the imported products
11- Meta Keywords & Tags fields, not clear when each of them is displayed, entered data in Meta Keywords will be shown in tags tab in product web page, so I think they are the same. but in product matching page (during import) they are shown 2 fields:
12- These formats need to be explained in details:
13- Model field usage is not clear, please add more details that it links the product record with variants and it need to be unique for each product
14- Internal Note field, I understood that it used for extra data about the product to show on the product page , if so, it is not shown (it is not explained in the above article)
15 - Since your platform supports multi-currency, I suggest to add different entry fields for each currency ( as for languages) for fields that are related to price, cost...etc. 

Nariman Issa

Knowledge base articles need to updated according to latest updates and modifications on the platforms, so it reflect the current release.


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