How can I manage my product options?

You can control and manage all the boxes of product options, which include many settings that can be controlled ... We will explain in this article the most important fields that are controlled and  manage it :

In order to access the product options, you must go from the control panel to the products and then the product options inside it We will find many fields that can be mange as follows:

  • Search: which through it can search of a particular name option within other options existing

Next images for clarification 

  • Export: which through you can make a copy of the existing settings options and upload them to your computer ... Click on the box option name or choose a specific name of option and then click Export ... There are several options in this icon (copy, export to CVS, Export to Excel file, Export to PDF) You can choose what suits you and then this information will be copied to your computer ... Next images for clarification

Next picture in case select a specific option name and then click Export 

  • Column visibility: This feature allows you to hide or show the names of the options and sort order of it ... When clicking on the option name icon will be controlled to hide or show the names of the existing options ...When clicking on the sort order icon will be controlled Hide or show sorting order for all existing options .. Next images for clarification regarding option name

The following images are for clarification regarding the sort order

  • The three-point: which through it you can delete or modify the name of the option .. Next image for clarification

For more information about deleting or modifying the names of the options please refer to the following articles links:


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