How can I add a product to my online store ?

You can add a product to your store via the following steps:
1. going from the control panel to the products from the right side and then press the products
2. then press at icon add new product... Next picture for clarification

Then you will see all the fields in which you can enter the product data start Product Name, images, Options, Discounts, Attributes and other fields that can add information to the product inside.

3. In the beginning, write an attractive name for your product .... The name of the product can be written at the product name tap and the name of the product is written in the languages ​​added at your store in previous... The following picture as an example of the product name

4. After that, you can go to the most important fields which are the description of the product. through which the customers are attracted to this product from its special features ... You can write a special text describe for product and added images and videos ... to add a picture for product you can follow these steps 

Click on the image icon and then get the picture you want to upload it at the product description box ... Next picture for clarification

You can add clarification video of the product by clicking on the video icon and adding the link either from the YouTube or Instagram

The video link is copied and added to the product details ... Next picture for clarification

More photos and videos can be added in product description Tap.

5. Go to images tap through which you can upload many pictures of your product in one step ... There are two boxes in the picture box Upload New Image or Select from Media Manager: which is the existence of images files inside and the images are selected from this files in which the images were already inserted .... The following images are for clarification

6. After that, you can go into price tap through which a price is placed for the product and also can put the price of the cost to know the profits through the sale of this product ... Also can put a tax on the product ... It can also control the lowest number of the customer has requested this product. Next picture for clarification

7. After that, you will be transferred to the Inventory where you can put the information of this product through the stock available to you for this product ... Also, you can control Out Of Stock Status of the product that is not available, where there are several choices inside it (2-3 days, pre-booking, unavailable, available) You can choose what suits you according to the situation of each product you have in stock. .. Next picture for clarification


8. The shipping settings for the product Where there is the Unit of weight, length, and dimensions: in case this product is shipped by weight ... Next images for clarification

9. Then go to the product options through which the options for this product are set and the shape of the options is determined by its type tap Which will appear on the storefront on the product page  ..

There are many options inside it, including (CHOOSE: drop-down menu, radio, checkbox, image ... INPUT: text or text area ... or FILE: file ... or DATE:  date, time, date & time)

Next image for clarification,,, You can also go on the next link article to learn more about product options

10. The Attributes of this product which you can put Specifications of this product, which are useful in linking them with the application of the filter products. 

Click on Create new Attribute and will show you the Attributes that were previously done in the preparation Attributes of the products with information about them ...

Next image for clarification ... also for more information on how to create product Attributes you can be going into the next article link

11. It is then into a discount step, through which a special offer of products can be made by placing a reduced price for the product ... Also, a specific package can be chosen to benefit from this offer ... And determine the quantity of the product that will be used from the offer with the number of priority for the first customers who will benefit from the offer ... And also the date of start and end of the offer and choose also the Domains that will be put on the price

The following images are for clarification

12. Then go to SEO Settings: which means improving the appearance of your store on the search engines ... Which is the Meta Description and Meta Keywords ... To learn more about this topic you can read the following articles

13. Go to the Model Tap, which is written by the number or name of the model of the product.

14. Go to the title of the Links which you can choose from the list of a brand the brands you add before like  (apple , nike ... etc), categories of the product, and also select related products ... Next image for clarification ... also for more info of how to add a Brands to your products going into next article link


After these, all these steps are done click save at the top of the page and now the important data of creating a new product is created on your store

You can also watch the following video to explain how to add a product to your online store


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