How to count my store visitors?

You can check your store visitors in real-time as well as checking your store visitors in general. To check the store visitors in real-time, please refer to this button in the dashboard:2021-08-08_12-33-06.png

When clicking on it, you will be able to check which of the store's pages are being visited and the platform the customers use to browse your store:


For a detailed report about the store current visitors, refer to the Customers Online page located in the Analytics section: 2021-08-08_12-39-38.png

You can export the data to an excel sheet, check the data of the online customers, filter the customers by their IPs or names if they're signed in:


To check the store's visitors in general and the store's all-time visitors, please refer to this button:2021-08-08_12-48-15.png

This page will include: Visits, Actions, Page Views, Unique Page Views, Visit Duration, First Visit, and the Last Visit:


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