How can I create products Attributes?

1. In the beginning, it is necessary to create Attributes groups so that put the Attribute inside it and then appear on the product data on the front store.

2. In order to add a Attributes groups: from the control panel going to products tap then the Attributes then click to create a new group... As shown in the following picture


3. The name of the group is set ... like for example processor

4. Then, created a new Attribute, which is expressed by the name of the group that was created previously (the processor), by pressing at creating new Attribute, for example (snapdragon) and the name of the group is chosen from inside then click at saving icon  …

like the following pictures ....


5. After that, you will be directed to the product that you want to add to the Attribute in ... by using the Attributes tap that existing inside data product ... Click on the icon to create a new Attribute and complete the required data then added information that is specific Attribute inside the value box then pressed to save at the top page settings of the product as shown in the following picture.



6. These steps are done on the languages ​​added at your store .... The following image illustrates the shape of the Attribute on the front store inside the product page



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