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How to resize images to upload them on my store



  • Nariman Issa

    Please provide technical spex for setting up Colors/Sizes images, image size and format. Images sizes displayed on the webpage is static, it doesn't change with image size. This should be dynamic, the following pictures explain what I mean:

    When I use the image for the color it is displayed with the same size of the image placeholder

    if I resize the image (without white space around the color circle, it is displayed also with same size and it is shown pixeled as :

    if I use small color circle with white space, it is shown like this (red above) in both Arabic & English interfaces. 

    Options image place size need to be dynamic or you specify specific image size so color's images are displayed properly. Also, the vertical arrangement would take a big space. I suggest making the colors images display in horizontal line with clickable images  without that radio buttons  


  • Nariman Issa

    Also, Colors/Sizes page (Admin) need an export command to export colors code in an excel sheet, it is needed for advanced options products importing.


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