What is the Google Adsense and what is the nature work?

Is a special code to place ads in your store and can be put it at custom code tap at you store setting.

Google Adsense is a Google advertising program that allows webmasters to place Adsense ads on their sites.

 Ads are different in form, either text ads, image ads, or video ads. These advertisements serve advertisers who have already contracted with Google, which Google display their ads for a fee Google shares with the owners of the sites where the ads appear.

 Ads are paid either by calculating the number of clicks made by visitors (Per-Click) or by calculating the number of times the ad appeared on the advertiser site (per-impression).

For more detail, the Adsense platform is used by website owners and bloggers (or so-called "publishers") to show Google ads on their sites. When a visitor clicks on ads, the site owner gets some money for it. A portion of the amount Deduction who advertiser paid on the Google Adwords network to the owner of the site from which he or she visited.

For example, suppose a company sells a website reservation service and it uses the Google Adwords platform to advertise its services, paying $ 2 per click on their ads.

This site, for example, offers educational materials on programming and application development, and this site is subscribed with Google Adsense as a means of collecting funds for its services. The site display serves Google ads on his pages and When a reader clicks on one of our ads, the site will receive $ 1.36, or 68%, of the amount placed by the online reservation services company, and the remaining  32% will be paid to Google. These calculations are the calculation for clarification and do not reflect the truth.

To create an account on the Google Adsense platform ... You can access the following link:


You can follow the following steps to open an account on it

1. you must have a domain that is "not free" and has a content that is not a bit and  Duplicate at any other site to ensure acceptance

2: You must have a domain (site) like


And it contains articles are not repeated and preferably not copied from any other site, and preferably that the content in a foreign language and Arabic to ensure acceptance and that content is distinctive and useful to the user.

3. You must have Google email "Gmail" to create an Adsense account it also must have not been registered before.

- If you do not have a Gmail account you can following the link to create a Google Mail account


4. Go to the main page to subscribe to Google Adsense through the following link:


"As shown below," Sing Up Now "will open the Google Adsense homepage


5.After that, the next page comes to you, and as shown in the picture, you can change the language from the top of the page. If you created an account with Google Gmail, click on

"Sign in"

If not, press

 create account

Follow the annotations with pictures:


This page is dedicated to creating an account with Google, fill out the fields as required to create the account. As pictured


6.From here .. The beginning of registration for Google Adsense

 Add your link to an example "www.yourdoamin.com"

7.Choose your language. Or your site content

Click on


Next image to illustrate previous steps



8.Complete this data, add your country, the next image for clarification


9.Next step about adding your personal data ....

Write your name in English "this is the name of Paid For  … Example: Ahmed Radwan Abd Elzaher

Write your correct address in detail in English until the activation code is sent to you by mail

Complete the rest of the data (region - zip code - your phone number - and how you know about Adsense).

10.Then click on "Submit Subscription ... Next image to illustrate the previous steps.


After sending this data you have to wait about two days to a week, then it will come to you a message on the registered mail, the initial approval, and an account is opened to you like in the following picture.


All you have to do is take the ads code after going to "My ads" at my account  and create an ads code and place it on your site at custom code . Ads will not appear for at least two days after their final approval by senting email to you .  


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