Adding & Editing Customers groups and setting prices for each group.

Create/Add Group:


You can specify a group of customers and create a group of them so you can give them different prices than other customers, promotions,  different access, and permissions, you can create the group by clicking on:




Afterward, you will need to type the group name in every language activated in your store:



Through the above page, you can choose the method that they will receive the activation link through whether in an e-mail or SMS, you can restrict them by enabling “Approve New Customers” and “Login after activation”, if you want this group of customers login with no activation or approval, you can keep these options turned off.



Note: You can add the customers to a group by opening the Customer page, to specify a price for a group, please open the product page, more details shown in the following screenshots:


Adding Customer to a group:



Adding a discount for a product from the product’s page to one of the groups:



Adjusting the Reward Points for a certain group from the product page:


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