You can review and control customer reviews on your store products by going to the products section from your store’s dashboard:


We will guide you on how to add a rating to one of your store's products, how it appears on your storefront, how it appears in your store's control panel, and how to control the ratings in general.


On the product page on your storefront, customers can leave reviews as well as checking the previous ones:


The customer will be able to leave his rating and comment, and the system will record the customer’s name and input.


The customers' reviews will be reflected on the "Reviews" page we accessed earlier (You can add one manually through the "Add New Review" button):


If you have many product ratings, you can search by product name to review the ratings for this specific product:


To review a specific rating and control how it will be displayed on your storefront, click on the 3 lines next to the rating, then click on "Edit":


You will be redirected to the review page, which includes all the rating data such as the product name, reviewer name, and the review itself and you can edit it or enable/disable it with one click:


Please note that all reviews are disabled until it gets enabled by the store manager.


You can permanently remove a specific review by referring to this button:


You can select more than one and delete them in one click referring to the delete button on the top-right corner.


There is an icon on the reviews page which is the Export Icon, through which you can export specific product reviews (by checking the required product/s and then clicking on the Export icon) or all of the product reviews by clicking on the button without selecting any item:


After clicking on the Export icon, you can choose the form of the file that will be downloaded to your device.


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