How to link a GoDaddy domain with my ExpandCart store without transferring it

To link your domain without transferring it, all you need is to follow the below steps:


1. Log in to your account at GoDaddy

2. Click on the 3 dots menu beside the domain name and click on Manage DNS


3. You will find the "Records page where you can create and edit Records. Please add the two following records (or edit, if it already exists):


Host/Name: @ Points to / IP / Value :


Host/Name: www Points to / IP / Value :


4- Once you're done, access your store settings as follows to add the domain name:2021-08-24_14-22-03.png

5- Type the domain URL link then click on the following button:


It will take 24 hours maximum to update the store domain and link it properly. You can link up to 3 domains to your store. To buy a domain or to link any other provider domain, please check this article.


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